Hello & Welcome to That Red Curl!

I originally began blogging in 2018 under the handle mummyavecamour, shortly after the premature birth of my daughter. It became an outlet for me and my, often amusing, take on life, seemed popular with my audience!

You can take a look at my old blogs here:

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I’ve recently rebranded as That Red Curl to reflect the changes and development in my life.

I’m a newly single mum to two; Lily, 3 (going on 13) and Max, 10 (going on 18) living in Yorkshire and navigating my way – usually with buckets of coffee.

I like to write openly and honestly and no topic is off limits.

While I love the freedom of having my own blog, I have written for brands and love being given a topic and the chance to create content for businesses!

I hope you have a little nosy around here. If you like what you see and would like me to write for you, drop me a message here and let’s chat!